Challenges to the Jordanian Electronic Government Initiative

  • Ala M. Abu-Samaha
  • Yara Abdel Samad
Keywords: e-Government, m-Government, Strategic IT initiative, e-Readiness, Infrastructure, Liberalisation, Channel Reach and Richness


This paper aims to present a number of key challenges to the Jordanian Electronic Government Initiative as a precursor to embracing mobile government (the future electronic governmental service provision). The first wave of electronic governmental services was delivered through the web as the sole communication channel. Despite the limited success of a small number of governmental entities to utilise such a communication channel, the very limited penetration of the Internet in Jordan has dampened such cases of success and pushed key decision makers at the Electronic Government Initiative to consider more popular alternative communication media. This paper reflects on Jordan’s past experience with electronic government to identify lessons learnt to be carried on to future mobile and second wave of electronic governmental service provisions.
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Abu-Samaha, A. M., & Samad, Y. A. (1). Challenges to the Jordanian Electronic Government Initiative. Journal of Law and Governance, 2(3).