Current State of Greek E-Government Initiatives

  • Konstantinos Markellos
  • Penelope Markellou
  • Angeliki Panayiotaki
  • Eirini Stergianeli
Keywords: e-Government, public sector, Greek programmes


This paper presents an overview of e-government efforts in Greece. Its aim is to point out the necessity of designing and implementing efficient e-government applications in order to improve public sector quality. In this framework, firstly we discuss e-government basic issues. Then we present the structure of public sector in Greece and try to categorise used information systems. We continue with a review of best Greek e-government practices and we compare the progress of Greece against EU countries. We examine the potentials and barriers of the area and finally we demonstrate the arising opportunities and the key challenges regarding e-government in Greece.
How to Cite
Markellos, K., Markellou, P., Panayiotaki, A., & Stergianeli, E. (1). Current State of Greek E-Government Initiatives. Journal of Law and Governance, 2(3).